Minimally invasive surgery training center

Located within the compounds of Strasbourg’s University Hospital, the IRCAD minimally invasive surgery training center has acquired an international reputation over the past 22 years. Each year, the institute welcomes over 5200 surgeons from 112 countries.

A pool of 800 international experts, key opinion leaders in their surgical specialties, supervise the IRCAD courses, in general surgery, digestive surgery, perianal and transanal surgery, colorectal surgery, bariatric and metabolic surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, urology, endoscopic surgery, pediatric surgery, anesthesia, gynecology, thoracic surgery, skull base surgery, and arthroscopy.

IRCAD is equipped with an experimental lab dedicated to training in laparoscopic surgery. The lab has 20 laparoscopic units linked to one another by a multimedia system.

Since 2015, a second experimental operating room equipped with 7 robots has allowed surgeons to train specifically for robotic surgery.

The IRCAD’s audiovisual equipment is exclusively HD: the auditoriums, conference rooms, the operating rooms of the Institute of image-guided surgery of Strasbourg, as well as the institute’s experimental labs.

In order to break down borders even more, the IRCAD created WeBSurg, an online university dedicated to minimally invasive surgery. The website has become the number 1 online educational website in minimally invasive surgery. It is available in 7 languages, is entirely free, and now has over 350,000 members.