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StrasbourgStrasbourg is located at the crossroad of other major European cities; only a few hours’ drive or roughly less than a one-hour flight from Paris, Lyon, and neighboring Swiss and German cities (2 hours’ drive from Frankfurt).
Strasbourg is easily accessible travelling either by car, plane or train.

By road
The French toll motorway network: westbound and northbound, the A4, A34, A31 and A32 motorways give easy access to Strasbourg from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Bonn via Metz and Sarrebrücken. Southwards, the Strasbourg-Mulhouse toll-free portion of the motorway, extension of the A36 joining the A6 motorway connects France with Italy and Spain.

The German charge-free motorway: it gives access to Hamburg, Frankfurt, Basel, Geneva and Milan; it is less than 15 minutes away from Strasbourg via Kehl.

Strasbourg’s public transport network is made up of 36 bus lines and 7 tram lines allowing to commute within the Strasbourg area.
The “Relais-Tram” Park and Ride parking lots give you the possibility of parking your car near a tram station and are only a few minutes away from the city center. No need to worry about heavy traffic or scarce parking spaces when using those parking lots.

CTS (Strasbourg Transportation Company)
Ph: 33 (0)3 88 77 70 70


• The Strasbourg-Entzheim international airport is located 10 km away from the Strasbourg city center (15 minutes away).
Possibility to get to Strasbourg airport via Amsterdam or Bruxelles.


• Frankfurt international airport is located 220 kilometers away from Strasbourg.
To get to Strasbourg, you may want to fly to Frankfurt with Lufthansa. It would then take roughly 2 hours for the Lufthansa shuttle bus to take you to Strasbourg.


Travel between Strasbourg and the rest of the world through Air France’s partnership with SNCF (the French national rail company). The high-speed train (TGV) takes you from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport directly to Strasbourg City center in less than 2 hours.